CRON_CLASSES - list of cron classes

DJANGO_CRON_LOCK_BACKEND - path to lock class, default: "django_cron.backends.lock.cache.CacheLock"

DJANGO_CRON_LOCKFILE_PATH - path where to store files for FileLock, default: "/tmp"

DJANGO_CRON_LOCK_TIME - timeout value for CacheLock backend, default: 24 * 60 * 60  # 24 hours

DJANGO_CRON_CACHE - cache name used in CacheLock backend, default: "default"

DJANGO_CRON_DELETE_LOGS_OLDER_THAN - integer, number of days after which log entries will be clear (optional - if not set no entries will be deleted)

For more details, see Sample Cron Configurations and Locking backend